The Arrival

June 14th, 2021. We started our day in my studio where they got dressed and ready for their adventure. Some snuggles in bed and a few photos around the building set the vibes for an easy, breezy day. We were off, on the road to Red River Gorge where we arrived at the property, More chilling and snuggling ensued in the warm summer sun.

The Ceremony

Surrounding by rolling hills, the exchanged personal vows between each other. Their words were beautiful and full of emotions definitely leaving me shedding a tear or two. The beautiful thing about elopements if the ability to do whatever the heck you want, sweet kisses and running through fields was the plan for the rest of the day. We hiked around more enjoying the views as we headed for the stunning secret waterfall tucked behind the property.

Epic Waterfall Make-out

A party isn't a party without a steaming waterfall make-out sesh, after trekking downwards to the falls we splashed and cooled off in the water. The views and rock formation surrounding us were the perfect backdrop (not to mention shade from the sun) to the ending of the day. Waterfall kisses and champagne pops were the only way to finish the day off. Kat + Trista, congratulations!