June 26th, 2021. We walked into the wedding wide-eyed and excited, the Gardens at Rey Eden was a new space for us and we were excited to create there. Alex + Brian greeted us warmly, their vivid kimonos were light and breezy, a must for the downtime of a summer wedding. We started their day with a tour of the grounds, something we always arrived early to do. Their ceremony site was lush and full, the chuppah front and center, adorned with florals from Alex's mothers garden. We continued to walk around while they relaxed, we hid in the bushes (not so stealthy I might add) and snapped a few photos of them in the gardens.

The Ceremony

No first look, as they opted to help each other get ready. Each moment a new first look, we all laughed and goofed as we collectively struggled to get dressed, suspenders are hard.

After a bulk of the folks were dressed we headed to their ceremony space, the intimate crowd began to fill in, signing their guest book and taking a seat. At each seat was a fan, a drawing from one of Alex's previous students printed on the folds. A beautiful touch to compliment the ceremony and a best friend during the warmth of the summer sun. The ceremony began, friends and family walked down the isle before they joined hand in hand, walking down the isle together. You could hear the collective sniffles of the crowd, it was a touching moment that marked the beginning of something sweet. Their officiant led their ceremony perfectly, weaving prayers, vows and traditions smoothly. I'm pretty sure this is the first wedding we attended where everyone was crying the whole time, us included. They finished their ceremony with a bang, the breaking of glass and a dip kiss that'll go down in history.

The Gosh Darn Party

Wrapped in love, family traditions and killer catering they celebrated the evening like kings. Each moment of the night was unforgettable, but a true highlight was navigating the alluring chaos of the horah, there's nothing better than watching your grooms being hoisted into the air, true terror and bliss all over their faces. More dancing, laughing and falling ensued. We sent them farewell as the rode off in their NSFW poetry-mobile. What an epic night perfectly encapsulating Alex + Brian, we wish them all love in the world.