Tons of things little and big to give your session a little razzle dazzle. Always being updated and added to, to inquire about specific pieces or pieces not shown please reach out!



Size: 12/14

Description: Off white lace with a keyhole front and open back. Butterfly sleeves and a small train. Minor staining on the bottom.

Pricing: $30/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Water, Hiking


Size: 4/6

Description: Ivory gown with floral detailed top and tulle skirt. Off the shoulder ruffle sleeves. Staining on base layers but are not visible.

Pricing: $50/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Hiking


Size: 10/12

Description: Champagne sleeveless gown with floral details and a layered tulle skirt.

Pricing: $40/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor


Size: 8/10

Description: Ivory butterfly sleeve gown with lace details in the sleeves. Open back with beaded accent.

Pricing: $50/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor


Size: 6-10

Description: Off white corset back gown with off the shoulder puffy sleeves and long train. Staining on the bottom from hiking.

Pricing: $30/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Water, Hiking


Size: 4/6

Description: Blush pinks with hints of pastel. Floral details on top with a deep V. Medium length train.

Pricing: $30/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Water, Hiking


Size: 14/16

Description: White spaghetti strap gown with a deep V embellished with stars. Star shawl also available.

Pricing: $40/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Water

Ask about our gowns that need to be photographed for a free rental!




Description: Tulle robe with ruffled sleeves and train.

Pricing: $30/day

Uses: Indoor


Size: XS-M

Description: White vintage wrap robe with lace detailing.

Pricing: $20/day

Uses: Indoor

Lingerie + More

All of our lingerie is brand spanking new, so pieces purchased belong to you when you're done! Reach out to us for the latest pieces we have stocked in the closet!


Size: Fits everyone

Description: Lightweight white angel wings.

Pricing: $40/day

Uses: Indoor


Cloud Wall

Size: 9x12

Description: Canvas drop with clouds and LED light strips with changeable colors and settings.

Pricing: $65/day

Uses: Indoor

Triangle Arch

Size: Roughly 7 ft

Description: Handcrafted wooden arch. Foldable and comes with two stands that attach at the sides.

Pricing: $100/day

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor

Arch Panels

Size: Various pieces ranging from 2ft to 7ft

Description: Handcrafted wooden panels. Foldable stands attached to the back. Can be painted whatever color desired.

Pricing: $400/full set, per day. $100/per piece, per day.

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor

Coming Soon:

  • Boxwood Fern Wall
  • Neon Signs
  • Rainbow Arches