I'm so happy you've found your way here! Welcome to The Boudoir Experience by Honeysage, if you've come looking for an in and out boudoir session, this might not be the right place for you. If you've come looking for the bells and whistles, badass boudoir with sprinkles of self care at every step, you've found it! Take a peek through all the goes down during one of our sessions, and when you're ready let's hop on the phone to lock you for an experience like none other!

From start to finish, it's about YOU.

In a grind it out society, we've often ignored our own need to take a damn break. To relax, to let someone else handle everything so we can just sit and breathe. I know it all too well, and overall I don't have the big answer but I do have my answer. Welcome to The Boudoir Experience.

Self care, but make it sexy.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing a boudoir shoot, from gifts to empowerment to just because you can. Any reason is a good one, you owe no one an explanation. But no matter the reason, I'm here to take care of you throughout. Surprise gifts to help you prep, encouragement during our session, and a community of women who will be here for you long after we've wrapped up! This isn't a one and done, we got you!

Did someone say spoiled?

I'm here to make you feel like a QUEEN! Without giving away too much this session will be custom to you down to the bones. Insta worthy mimosas or craft coffee, a trip to your fave nail salon or a sweat it out hot yoga class, anything is possible, I dare you to dream it so we can make it happen!

How it works!

Styling Consult


Yay! You're offcially booked, to kick things off we'll meet at the studio for your styling consult! We'll take the time to pick everything out for your session, from wardrobe to sets to hair and makeup! I'm here to make sure every last detail is perfect.

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