Be it an hour or days long, let us tell your the story of how you married your best friend.

beginning @ $1500


No matter your definition, show your sexy in a way only you can.

beginning @ $350


Show the world what makes you, you.

beginning @ $200


Do you shoot destination weddings?

We do! We have our passport is ready to take us where ever encapsulates your big day the most. Each destination wedding is different, so please reach out for your custom quote!

Will there be a second shooter?

Not necessarily. Depending on the needs of your big day will determine the need for a second shooter. At the end day it's your decision, but I'll be happy to provide any guidance or recommendations.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Depends on the day! Sessions (including weddings) have the potential to be extended depending on my schedule! As much as I would love to shoot all day, sometimes I have to be an adult and do other things. If this could be a possibility, please discuss it with me as soon as possible.

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a Canon girl through and through. I use a large range and selection of their professional grade camera bodies, lenses and accessories.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope! While I typically delivering galleries digitally, I do offer A La Carte pricing on physical products such as custom USB's, albums, etc.

I cannot guarantee quality on products ordered through a third party printer.

What's your photography style and can it be changed?

Documentary. A little less guidance and a little more capturing moments as they occur, in real time, with little regard to things considered imperfect. Mostly true to life color, just a little warmer and a tiny bit bold.

I will not change my editing style, but the posing can be shifted a bit to incorporate more guided pose.

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